Why choose Tagmatic?

Tagmatic is the best AI Text Classification and Named Entity Recognition SaaS

  • It learns on the fly
  • The API is simple to integrate
  • It optimizes its own corpus for every tag
  • It scales up as much as you need
  • With an Explainable AI Dashboard for transparency

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We've worked with global brands since 2010 on Automated Tagging Systems, and Tagmatic solves all the biggest challenges.

TagmaticOther solutions
API for integration

A JSON REST API for tagging or classifying content

Understands true "Aboutness"

"Aboutness" is the actual, true focus of content - not just what is mentioned!

Handles custom vocabularies

You can train the system with your own vocabularies - no need to reference Wikipedia or other public vocabularies

Learns new tags on-the-fly

When your content creators introduce a new tag, the training starts immediately

Supports any language

Language agnostic, including non-Latin character sets and scripts

Self-optimizes on a per-tag level

Continuously inspects the performance of each tag, and optimizes this constantly

Supports custom classes

Ability to support 100s or 1000s of classes, outside of the standard "People, Places, Organisations, Themes" pattern

Manages its own training corpus

Keeps track of the training corpus, per tag, in order to continuously self-optimize.

Supports your "house style"

Learns and follows your in-house style for consistency and verbosity of tagging.

Explainable AI dashboard

An Explainable AI dashboard and API monitors performance and quality of every tag classifier

Tagmatic is a new generation of SaaS classification AI services. Language agnostic, it works out of the box, it trains on the fly, and classifies your content at scale using your own terms and reference data. Patent Pending.

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