Private Auto-Tagging API Service that uses your own tags

The Easiest Auto-Tagging API

  • Any Language
  • Any Tags
  • Self Optimizing
  • Learns on-the-fly
  • Easy to use API and Docs

How to integrate Tagmatic Auto-Tagging into your platform

  1. To train the AI model: Use the /train endpoint to show Tagmatic how you like your content tagged. It learns your tags and your tagging style.
  2. To Auto-Tag: Simply push your text into the /predict endpoint to receive high accuracy tag predictions, each with individual F1, precision, and recall scores.
News UK Logo

News UK use Tagmatic to classify their news content automatically at scale using the terms from their knowledge graph

Sky Logo

Sky Italia use Tagmatic to annotate their news, sport, and short form video with people, places, topics and teams

Janes Logo

Janes used Tagmatic to detect defence and military entities and the relationships between them on open source defence intelligence at very large scale

Tagmatic is a new generation of SaaS classification AI services. Language agnostic, it works out of the box, it trains on the fly, and classifies your content at scale using your own terms and reference data. Patent Pending.

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